Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gays & Guns

What does the gay cooties crowd have in common with gun control advocates? Ridiculous, pie-in-the-sky predictions of all the evil and moral depravity that will occur if we dare let "those people" have their relationships legally recognized.

Left, Right or middle it's all the same. If we let those people enjoy individual liberty the United States as we know it will collapse!


Weer'd Beard said...

There's a quote from Somebody (I first heard it from my buddy Ross who comments over at JayG's place)

"Guns are a lot like gays, they seem really scary when you hear about them, but once you've had one in your home and gotten to know them you realize your fears were pretty silly."

My wife's kitchen knives are more dangerous than our guns given that guns can be unloaded (you can dull a knife, but not without effectively ruining it) but if a knife falls off a counter now that's a DAMN scary thing, as if it hits you going down you could be hurt very badly. Even my 40oz 1911 or my much heavier shotgun will only bruise you and maybe scratch something, but it won't "go off" just like a knife can cut shit.

But in the end anti-freedom people need to cook and eat, so they won't propose calling the cops to cut your steak a little smaller, or to chop onions for the salad.

Plus guns are "Magical" somehow.

Laura said...

yeah, it's not like those of us who aren't straight have cooties. i think my pistol's got more cooties than i have...

Weer'd Beard said...

No no, you just have GIRL COOTIES!


Laura said...

LOL, yeah. I'm covered in'em. **waggles hands in your direction**