Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Memory

A year ago today you passed away
I'm sad that you're not here today
But I know you'd say, be happy, be gay, and celebrate life the right way
So I'll pour some Jameson, raise my glass, and try to enjoy life this and everyday

I love you and miss you Mom-Mom.


Newbius said...

*Raises a glass*

To those we've loved and lost
May our love never count the cost
of letting you go
while holding you close
as your battle with life was lost..

Mike, I feel your pain. I lost my mom to cancer, and dad to a heart attack. I still cry for them these many years later.

I do not profess to know the reason why God calls some home sooner than later. When I get to Heaven, I will ask.

Stay strong, my friend.

North said...

God Bless. I'm so sorry.

Mike W. said...

Thanks Newbius & North.