Friday, March 5, 2010

Letting it Die

It would appear that the general strategy for the pro-gun crowd with regards to open carry and starbucks is to just "let it die." I could not agree more. We calmly and rationally made our point and that should be the end of it. More importantly, we made our point with our wallets and Starbucks Corporate took notice. (Isn't capitalism great?)

This Starbucks campaign was, in my opinion, a perfect example of good, clean, grassroots activism. We got our message across without hysterics and confrontation and without disrupting Starbucks store fronts. Let's keep it that way.

There's no reason to confront hysterical, emotional & irrational anti-gun protestors outside of Starbucks stores. Starbucks has made it quite clear on numerous occasions now that they want nothing to do with this controversy and are quite content to continue their long-standing of allowing lawful, paying customers to patronize their stores. We made our point by thanking them, now let's respect their wishes.

We've won this battle. Now we can sit on the sidelines and watch the anti-gunners hurt their own cause. I'm not saying don't go to Starbucks, or don't open carry there, just that we have nothing to gain by protesting or otherwise engaging the anti's in this situation. Go in, get your coffee and leave. The longer the anti's remain combative and disruptive towards Starbucks the better we end up looking in the end.

I've found that anti-gunners often find ways to make themselves look bad to 3rd party observers. Stay calm. Rationally and intelligently make your case and then let them froth at the mouth. It works when engaging anti-gun bloggers. I see no reason why the same basic strategy wouldn't apply in this instance.

Let them dig their grave and lie-in it.


Bob S. said...

As a said at Snowflakes, I think we should hit the media sites that are covering this.

Write the newspapers with letters to the editor about how the Brady Campaign isn't respecting Starbuck's wishes (big surprise).

Leave comments on the television stations sites pointing that out.

Let's take a fair page from their book and paint them as hysterical and over reacting.

mike's spot said...

I agree Mike-

we gain nothing by responding- we look great in this, lets just enjoy our victory and move on to the next front and win again.

Mike W. said...

Let's take a fair page from their book and paint them as hysterical and over reacting.

Of course they paint us as such due to fear, prejudice and bigotry not due to objective reality. In this case at least the anti's in question actually ARE hysterical and over-reacting.