Friday, March 26, 2010

Quote of the Day - Insanity

"The Democratic Party believes that you can take an imperfect health-care system and fix it by putting it under the most dysfunctional and broken entity in the United States today: It's called the Federal Government.

That proposition is insane."

Representative Thaddeus McCotter - (R) - Michigan

Thank god some of our elected officials get it and are willing to call out the Democrats for what they are. Insane.

H/T to Kevin - Please go read his post and Rep. McCotter's remarks in full.

I have two words for what McCotter had to say


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Robert McDonald said...

Talk is cheap. Given, I hear it from a potential candidate I'll give him or her my vote, but I've lost all faith in a large national government at this point. Time to focus on local and state politics, IMHO.