Monday, April 26, 2010

In Honor of Boobquake

Boobquake ...

And a video

Big or small they're all wonderful.

Generally speaking though I think factory parts are better than aftermarket bolt-ons for most applications. Sure, sometimes the factory will roll out a few sets of lemons, or some infants will abuse them to the point of needing a total restoration. The problem is that aftermarket
builds can seldom match the beauty of a pristine factory example.


Bob S. said...

Can you put up another post Mike>

I click on your blog and the "Lady in Red" shows and it seems that sometimes I forget to read what is written

Unknown said...

Mike, I suppose you're gonna deny being misogynistic the same way you deny your homophobia and racism and overall close-mindedness?

What are you trying to do with this post anyway, imitate Wyatt Earp. He's a Philadelphia cop, surely you can find a better role model than that.

Mike W. said...

Apparently MikeB, in his pitiful attempt to attack me, forgot to click on the facebook link in my post.

If he had, and wasn't such an ignorant moron, perhaps he'd know what my post was about.

BTW MikeB, I suppose if you're going to come here and accuse me of being homophobic and racist you have evidence to back up your claims? (This is me laughing at you....)

Anyone who's ever read this blog could tell you I'm not homophobic or racist (perhaps you are, more projection?)

Of course your comment is unsurprising given that we all know you are incapable of reading and comprehending much of anything beyond what I'd expect from a young child.

Unknown said...

Yeah, right Mike.

Keep spinnin' it, man.

Mike W. said...

Is this what you're going to do MikeB, jump over here, accuse me or misogynism, racism, homophobia etc.?

BTW - based on this most recent accusation it seems you don't have the slightest clue what misogyny actually is.

If you want to have an adult discussion on any of those issues, or you take issue with something I've said on this blog on those topics then fine, bring it up and we'll have a discussion. I'm sure it'll end with you looking like a bigoted fool as always.

Closeminded? - You are the very definition of close-minded MikeB, desperately clinging to a failed ideology and voicing support for vile bigots like Laci and Jade because you're a sad panda with no one else on your side.

If all you're going to do is jump in here with nothing substantive and call me names then you can go get fucked.

Looks like Jadegold is rubbing off on you MikeB. It's no wonder we're winning. We have better people on our side. People with intelligence, integrity, character and class.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come now, Mike, you really need to give Sparky here a break - after all, you and I both know that he is running out of websites whereupon he can spew his hateful, demeaning vitriol, so he has to get all the more obnoxious on the ones where he still can comment, lest he be forced to face the thing which he fears most: irrelevancy.

Little does he know, that particular spectre has been laughing at him from his back seat for the past few months...

Unknown said...

Prurient adolescent bullshit like posting erotic pics of Scarlett on a gun blog brings it to the same level of your average grease-pit gas station. But, of course you and your friends can spin it good.

Mike W. said...

Linoge - MikeB comes right on time to prove you right yet again.

He calls pictures of two attractive women in a dress and tanktop "erotic" while ignoring the underlying reason behind the post (which was right there linked if he bothered to scroll past the pictures)

Of course MikeB has never been an intellectual heavyweight nor has he ever been able to use reason and basic reading comprehension to grasp the most simple of concepts.

His responses to my post are sad but predictable. What else would I expect from someone who is clearly intellectually deficient?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I am just wonderfully amused at how ready and willing, if not outright enthusiastic, Sparky is to prove to the world that he is not even intelligent enough to click on a single, solitary link and figure out what the hell is going on. Hell, you almost cannot pay for that degree of stupidity!

But it surely is entertaining.

Mike W. said...

Indeed. I considered deleting his comments since he's becoming more of a nasty asshole of late.

That said, the sure comedic idiocy of his comments makes them far too good to delete.

Bob S. said...

Wow, where to start?!?!?!

Sorry I missed most of this thread.

First, isn't it typical of Mikeb302000 not to look at the facts of the post?

Instead of considering the reason, he goes with the superficial -- of course that is to be expected.

I think the thing I find most repugnant is this quote:

He's a Philadelphia cop, surely you can find a better role model than that.

We can see that MikeB302000 isn't far from his lawbreaking past, can't we?

Isn't it remarkable that he finds some one who is a public servant NOT to be a role model?

Isn't it remarkable that he presents no reason for his distrust of Wyatt, present no evidence that Wyatt isn't a person to emulate ?

So much for not making personal attacks, eh Sparky?

Unknown said...

Yeah, My comment was a personal attack, but unlike the personal attacks you guys make, it was on topic, it was about the post.

You spin doctors can try and explain it all you want, but this post was right up there with Wyatt Earp's smut which he does even more frequently than ever, babes and chicks.

Bob S. said...


Some of us haven't lied about whether or not we make personal attacks.

You've repeatedly stated that you don't make personal attacks. You've repeatedly shown yourself to be a liar.

What is more, you continue to try to present yourself as the victim and the only victim.

Yet, here you are smearing Mike W and Wyatt -- and probably don't have the moral courage to tell Wyatt you are doing it.

See this is another example of your moral cowardice. You attacked Xavier -- without letting him know. You've attacked Wyatt and I bet you haven't let him know either.

And all this over a post that you completely misrepresent.

Of course, given your desperate attempts to cling to a belief system that is completely disproved by evidence (gun control) it is no wonder you are supporting another belief system that subjugates people that aren't like them.

Mike W. said...

Yeah, My comment was a personal attack, but unlike the personal attacks you guys make, it was on topic, it was about the post.

100% grade-A Bullshit. You bring up another blogger, whom I did not link to or mention in this post for the sole purpose of personally attacking both he and I. How in the hell is that even remotely on-topic? (The topic being Boobquake)

this post was right up there with Wyatt Earp's smut which he does even more frequently than ever, babes and chicks.

And? If I posted pics on this blog of Jenna Haze getting buttfucked and it offended your tender sensibilities why should I care? My blog, I can post what I want and you are free to choose not to read it. The same is true of Wyatt's blog.

And really? You subjected yourself to yet another massive verbal beatdown from yours truly all because you lack tact, basic reading comprehension, and the ability to click on links.

I almost feel sorry for you MikeB. Almost.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to wonder if we are seeing a few more of the limited number of screws Sparky has left come loose and fall down the drain... One simple push of a button, one simple webpage to read, and all of this would have become clear to him, and yet he cannot even bring himself to do that, lest he be forced to admit to some error. Instead, he resorts to his standard personal attacks, even though he incessantly proclaims that he is above such things elsewhere on the internet.

Hypocrisy, lying, ad hominem attacks, logical fallacies, false offense, finger-pointing, finger-shaking, induced martyrdom, attention-whoring... Sparky exposed all those things, and more, in just this short little thread, and for him, that is a lot.

And, hell, when it all boils down to the nuts and bolts of the situation, what is so "wrong" about admiring the human form, especially when the women in question appear to have no problems displaying those forms for the world to appreciate? I suppose, to Sparky, the Venus de Milo is a horrible travesty, and one to be reviled and hated...

What a sad and hate-filled life to lead.