Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BP - What The Left Really Wants

"If we can take over a freaking car company than by God we can revoke BP America’s corporate charter or whatever you call it and give this corporate citizen the death sentence to make sure the people and wildlife of the Gulf don’t have to wait 26 years for their justice."

-SoBeale - on the BP oil spill

This is what the left wants. Lord knows they've hated oil companies for years, and their contempt for private enterprise is well-known. Sadly, she actually has a point. Liberals, and that so-called "conservative" GWB have been gung-ho about nationalizing private industry over the past several years. This is the next logical step for them.

Given the ramifications of her "lets destroy BP because I'm angry and emotional" strategy I wonder if she has any idea what the term "justice" really means. Likely not, but that's unsurprising given that leftists rarely think rationally or consider the unintended consequences of their ideology.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blogfodder.

I see the intellectual coward has instituted an echo-chamber policy.

Mike W. said...

You're quite welcome.

Yes, she's acting sadly and predictably. That's something about ignorant, anti-gun lefties that never ceases to amaze me. They blog as a bully pulpit and cannot tolerate dissent of any kind.

I'm the exact opposite. I LOVE dissent on this blog. (and frankly I'd like to see more of it) It fosters good debate, opens eyes, raises questions, gives me good ideas, and often makes for great blog fodder.

I honestly think that lefties generally have huge authoritarian complexes. Their reaction to criticism is "How DARE you question ME?!! I CANNOT be wrong!"

Since the criticism so easily exposes their intellectual bankruptcy it must be deleted to maintain the sanctity of their ideology.

Ah, here I am babbling in my own comment section. Bad Mike!

Weer'd Beard said...

I'm amazed she lasted as long as she did with open comments.

I mean how can you be a socialist and allow free speech?

it MUST be suppressed.

Also FYI Mike the fact that you LIKE dissent is the EXACT reason why you don't get much.

People don't like to travel to find an ass-kicking, and people who like dissent generally are big on supporting their positions, and picking the correct side of an issue.