Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gun Control Fails

Even in China, where the people have no rights and their is no limit to how hard the government can press boots to your neck, gun control is still proving to be a failure.

If it fails in totalitarian Communist regimes where the government can do with you as they please (including execution for "gun crimes") how can anyone expect it to succeed in America where there are limitations on government power.

The only way gun control has ever "succeeded" is in making it easier for governments to control and slaughter people. China is proof of that truth.

H/T to Sebastian


Weer'd Beard said...

Easy, it didn't fail. They have socialism, a police state, and death camps/political prisons.

That's a "Success"

How very "Progressive"

Sarah said...

But Mike, we're *smarter* and *better* than the Chinese. Of *course* we could make gun control here work. If we have enough magic fairy dust and unicorn fart, we can do *anything* - duuuuh!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, but you are thinking on too short of a timespan - progressives take the long view, and obviously China's plans will work in the future, and so will those of the anti-rights nuts here in America.