Friday, June 25, 2010


It seems I have a bunch of posts sitting in draft form. Some are pretty old, some not so old, and some are similar to something others have picked up and ran with.

I hate to have them just languish, so I guess I should finish em' up and maybe edit them to tie in with what's been said by others on my long ass blogroll.

I'm betting some will be downright terrible and I'll look at them and say "What the hell was I getting at?" Those will be junked. It's funny, sometimes you try to write something and it just doesn't quite "click," then you read something written by another blogger and the wheels start turning again.

Who knows? Maybe the mice running on their little wheels inside my noggin just get tired every now & then.


Bob S. said...

Mike W.

I count 54 post sitting in my draft folder so don't feel like the Lone Ranger or Tonto (have to be politically correct).

I'll probably delete most of mine. I figure if it didn't jell enough to make it out of draft, it probably isn't worth it, e.g. the old polishing a turd rubic (of course, that applies to just me and my process)

Anonymous said...

Damn. Y'all are a lot more discriminating than I am - pretty much every bloody thing that crosses my shiny little noggin gets published.

Could explain why my readership numbers are so low...