Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On The Offensive

On the heels of a victory in McDonald, the SAF and Mr. Gura are challenging a North Carolina statute that prohibits both the keeping and bearing of arms during a state of emergency.

I would think this lawsuit should be a slam dunk for us, then again, in McDonald we saw four Supreme Court Justices display thinly veiled contempt for the 2nd Amendment as they simply read it out of existence to satisfy their own personal prejudices.

I wonder what the founders would say and do to those 4 justices? I suspect it'd be far more harsh than a simple tongue lashing.

In light of recent events, don't forget to join or donate to SAF if you haven't already.

As an aside,

* My posts & critique of the McDonald opinions are going to take longer than expected. I'm currently reading them, but the process of highlighting, & jotting down notes for a post is taking longer than expected and I'm a bit short on free time. There's a wealth of material (and so much blatantly wrong with the dissents that malice is the only rational explanation.)

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