Saturday, July 31, 2010

Luckygunner Ammo

I was contacted last week by the good folks at after I made a comment on Sigforum discouraging another member from purchasing MBI reloads. I can't in good conscience recommend reloads I've never shot nor heard much about, so they offered to send me some to review.

I've heard nothing but good things about Luckygunner and for them to stand behind their products like this is an excellent business practice. Remember, the ammo they sell is always in stock. If it's on their site it's in stock!

I had hoped to shoot this stuff over the weekend and post a review, but alas i'm still under the weather.

I'll hold up my part of the deal next weekend and post a review. Until then I have but 3 words.

Yay! Free ammo!


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Linoge said...

*sigh* The one sucky thing about them being local is that I have to pay the sales and excise taxes that our state attaches to ammunition... Coupled with the shipping costs, that puts them comparable or more-expensive than other ammo sources, which just sucks.

I definitely agree with supporting local businesses, and I have even asked about picking it up rather than having it shipped to me (unfortunately, their warehouse is in Ohio), but the state wants to tax me doing so :P.

Unknown said...
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Robert McDonald said...

Free ammo is always a good thing!