Thursday, July 8, 2010

Michelle Gets Hate Mail

Wow! I'd say I'm surprised by this, but then I've been the victim of an astonishing amount of hate and outright nastiness from Liberals.

I'm glad to see Michelle Malkin shining some light on liberals who claim to have the moral high ground.

I will say that she's far nicer than I am. I would not have removed Mr. Dunn's company name from his e-mail. Anyone who's that despicable and dumb enough to send an e-mail with the subject title "How Does A Dishonest CUNT Like You Exist" from his work e-mail will not receive sympathy from me. Actions have consequences and I would not honor his request.


Anonymous said...

Bah. Aside from one known and disgusting cyberstalker, I never get any hate mail. Guess I am not pushing the right buttons hard enough.

Jay G said...

Linoge, there's your problem - you have to push the left buttons... ;)

Mike W. said...

Hey I push plenty of left buttons and I don't usually get "hate mail"

I have gotten plenty of "hate comments" though, so I guess that counts.