Sunday, July 25, 2010

An "Oh Shit" Moment

Had this sitting in my Blogpress app and forgot to post it.

As I was walking to the fireworks on the evening of the 4th I suddenly remembered the weight in my left front pocket. I patted it and thought "oh shit!"

Id been pocket carrying the 432pd and for a split second thought I'd left the house with it.

This is likely the exact opposite reaction many of you would have, but since OC is my only legal means of carry in Delaware my heart skipped a beat at the thought of what i'd done.

In some ways this is an odd reaction. A person could, if so inclined, pocket carry daily with no permit and no one would ever know. I guess my reaction is just part of being a law-abiding gun owner.

Also, while I don't condone it I don't exactly see it as a travesty if folks decide to carry anyway in places where their rights have been denied. I suppose that's a topic for another post.

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The Warrior said...

I guess my reaction is just part of being a law-abiding gun owner.

Oh, but NO! We're murderous thugs, remember? You must be telling falsehoods....

Mm-hmm. :-/

Maybe we're just good citizens?

Weer'd Beard said...

Hehehe. I was taking my garbage out this morning and my recycling bin tipped over into the street. While I was standing in the street picking up garbage I patted my pocket for my WALLET. See there was a gun in the other pocket, but I was now conceal carrying in public property. Dunno what the legality is of that given that you can drive with your driver's license buried in your purse, or in your glove box, or in your wallet.

But given that we lawfully carry and hope to continue to do so being pinched for what is a stupid and morally minor infraction of carrying a gun without the proper permitting handy, or in the wrong carry method.

Meanwhile the thug up the street cares little about such things, as the gun he carries is 100% illegal in any form, and he's carrying it for purposes even more illegal and egregious to society.

Again more reason to relax the laws as they stand, as permitless carry won't make the thug packing a gun to protect his drug stash, or to kill rival members won't be effected by it. You can STILL arrest him and confiscate his gun (any maybe sell it to legal folks like us for short money to defer some public funds to keeping the PD running) but it means that NOW if one of us bumps into him we are more than likely be able to defend ourselves as well as society at large (Even if we don't shoot, a criminal staring down the barrel of a lawfully carried gun will send a message about their behavior to them and everybody they talk to) rather than having our last thoughts be "It would have been worth it to ignore the law today..."

Bob S. said...

Guess I'm really glad to see I'm not the only ones with those "Aw Shucks" moments.

I came home from running some errands after club orientation, took off my cover shirt and was walking around the house in a t-shirt, my Taurus carried in the IWB holster.

Let the dogs out into the backyard and remember I haven't checked mail.

Now in Texas, it is okay to Open Carry on your own property --but no where else.

I almost--foot on the curb -- almost stepped out onto the street to check the mail!

And I had that --AW No you don't Bob!!! moment and leaned over to check mail instead of stepping onto the street.

(Which is the exact opposite of your situation)

I would have gone from legal to illegal in 6 inches -- how does that make sense.

Would my fundamental nature change if I crossed my property line, would I have become a rogue killer in the street (but safe and acceptable on the grass)?

Weer'd Beard said...

Wanna hear a good one, Bob? It's 100% legal for me to open-carry state-wide, but if some busy-body looks out their window and sees me with my heater tossing a steak on the grill, or throwing some garbage in the barrel, and they call the Po-Po. The cops will likely just advise me "Not to Do that", but if the Chief decides I need a lesson taught to me, he can deny my permit on renewal claiming I showed "bad judgment" in doing a legal activity on my own property.

This is why "May Issue" permits are bad-bad-news.

NotClauswitz said...

Because of the dangerous area where he works my brother frequently carried despite the Local "may-not" prohibition.
There's a lot of non-compliance around here based on the carried-by-six or judged-by-twelve issue.