Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sig - For the Love of God WHY?!

I thought it was bad when Sig came out with their horrendous rainbow titanium finish. Now they've outdone themselves to make hideously ugly guns that also lack the overall quality and "to hell and back" reliability that Sigs once had.

I present to you the Sigarms Dragon This thing is a downright abomination. It's hard to believe a German gun company would put out something this tacky.

H/T to God, Grits & Guns
, who almost made me vomit up Magichat #9


dmurray said...

Safe queens. There they will be hidden away as Sig continues to make the parts that support all the others we like so well.

They'll come out for displays and gunshows maybe like Saddam Hussein's gold AK or tacticool rooney guns with all the junk for people that hate to learn how to shoot.

Someone has money for stuff like this, let 'em spend it.

Mike W. said...

Give me a plain jane, New-in-Box P228 over that crap anyday. Or a factory nickel.

I almost bought a used factory nickel P220, but I restrained myself. I shouldn't have.

Someone has money for stuff like this, let 'em spend it.

Agreed, just like the Glocks with gold inlays

Bob S. said...

I actually like the look of the titanium finish.

I think it is stylish without being gaudy.Of course, there is no accounting for taste

Weer'd Beard said...

Oh Bob, the light doesn't do it any favors. When you see one up close its ugly.

That being said I kinda like it too, but not in a "I want it" way but in the part of me that likes seeing the industry becoming more wild and less conservative. Now not all guns are gun-colored, and some of those colors are girly!

That being said the Dragon one is homely as a bag of assholes!

Its so ugly it'd get a freight train to take a dirt road!

Unknown said...

I spose' we'll be seeing these in Jet Li action flicks for the next ten years. Dragons make the gun more deadly by making the bullets fly faster!