Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I went in for a CAT scan of my head and the radiologist said to me "make sure you drink plenty of fluids over the next two days to flush all of the contrast fluid out of your system."

I think she was telling me I needed to drink lots of beer for the next two days, so bottoms up, Dr.'s orders!

Raison D'Etre it is.  The beer I got as a gift for my 21st Birthday that introduced me to the awesomeness of Dogfish Head.


Bob S. said...

After the last CAT scan of my head, the Tech said "There's nothing there"

(I just wish I knew if she was talking about scar tissue from a operation or grey matter)

Robert McDonald said...

Man I wish I was cracking open a few myself. It's too damn hot to doing anything else. Oh, well.