Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lack of Content

Sorry for the lack of content here lately folks. There's been no ranting, snarking, or squeeing at awesomeness, just some poorly and hastily thrown up posts. (and Sig porn) Ten days of migraines will do that, especially since I've never had a migraine in my life until now.

I even get to have a scan of my head, which would reveal nothing to you, my dear readers. You already know I'm not right in the head. :) Heh.


Jeff the Baptist said...

I understand. I've had a reoccurring headache for a few weeks now. In my case it's allergy/sinus, but still no fun at all. Nothing takes the fun out of thinking like pain on the brain.

Robert McDonald said...

Hopefully you'll be back to your old self soon.

Weer'd Beard said...

FYI, if you ask the hospital they'll put your MRI on disk for you to veiw at home.

Kinda cool sitting around playing with scans of the wife's head.

I really want to see the before and after shots with her surgery!

Mike W. said...

Thanks for the tip Weer'd. I hope all goes well with her surgery. I can't get an MRI though (only CT scan) since I've got a bunch of metal in my face.

Jeff - I've had plenty of allergy-induced headaches. They're no fun at all. Take lots of Claritin-D.

Thanks Robert - This shit really sucks.

Weer'd Beard said...

CT scans don't look nearly as cool. Wife's had that stuff done too!