Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let's Talk Sharpies!

We humans are tool users, and since we have opposable thumbs rather than sharp fangs or claws sharp cutting implements tend to come in handy.*

I can't think of a single gun blogger I've met who doesn't carry a knife (or a couple of em) on a daily basis. I own and carry a gun with the sincere hope that I'll never have to use it. My knives on the other hand get carried and used regularly.

Since I lost the 3" KaBar I bought at the NRA Convention in May and my Benchmade Mini Pika is really beaten up I decided to go on a little sharp & pointy shopping spree. It never hurts to have a handful of pocketknives, in case you lose a few or give them away. I also figured this was an opportunity to pick up a fixed blade knife, filling a gaping hole in my collection of bladed tools

*unless you live in the UK where humans are actually regressing.

According to anti-gunner logic these small blades make me a dangerous man. They're right! I once cut my hand using the Kershaw to shotgun beers back in college and I a few years ago a kitchen knife fell off the counter and landed point down in my big toe. Surely that along with criminal stabbings mean average citizens can't be trusted with simple cutting tools.

Top to bottom - CRKT Peck (keychain knife) Gerber Evo Jr., CRKT Drifter, CRKT Pazoda 2, and my old Kershaw Vapor. To the right is a KaBar USMC fighting knife.

Of course as luck would have it I found my little KaBar right after getting four new folders.


bill wayne said...

WE should be responsible weapon owners. Thanks for sharing. If you get the chance, check out and buy military surplus over at my site.

Weer'd Beard said...

This is the last pocket knife I bought and I really like it. Its really slim, and the grip is a GREAT shape, blade is thick and tough, and the pocket clip is strong and kinda cool looking. The action is a little sluggish and the knife is overall kinda ugly to my eyes, and mine has developed some rust pitting that I'm not pleased with.

Still its so slim and light its a knife I like to stick in my pocket.

It appears Kershaw has recently replaced it.

Mike W. said...

Can't carry that here Weer'd. Blade is too long. 3" is the max for folders.

I've got the CRKT Drifter on my pocket right now. It's my favorite of the knives pictured. The action is super smooth.

mike's spot said...

I have a KaBar made at Camillus from before they closed- Great looking knife- and I totally agree, the uses of a good pocket knife are near endless.

Mike W. said...

Sure beats trying to use your teeth huh Mike?

Weer'd Beard said...

The First-Gen JYD is 3" (The Amazon link is a good price too)

BTW I need to get me one of those Ka-Bar fighters, I want one so bad, and I have for ages.

Linoge said...

Big Kershaw fan here... their RAM is a beautiful EDC, at least once you get used to its locking mechanism.

Going to start looking for a karambit at some point, but TN allows for fixed-blade carry.

Unknown said...

Knives are the coolest. My suggestion for a small fixed blade is the ESEE Izula. I bought one from this guy - - and it was in the mail that afternoon. Good service and affordable, around $47.

mike's spot said...

those izula's do look sweet.