Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Little Taste of England

When pubs in the UK ban glassware because it can be used as an offensive weapon I just sigh and wonder how they were ever "Great." When it happens right here in the U.S.A. I get a little worried.

What is it about nanny-state Liberalism and the constant need to focus on inanimate objects rather than people?

Ah Liberalism, ain't it great?

Also, bars that have enough of a violence problem amongst patrons that they feel they must ban glass are not the kinds of places I'd want to visit. I'd also rather not drink a Rusty Nail or whiskey on the rocks out of a plastic cup.

Thanks for the ray of sunshine Jay G.


Sabra said...

I read some where a year or so ago that the difference between liberalism & conservatism is that liberals assume the best of everyone and conservatives assume the worst.

Evidence I've seen, however, points to the exact opposite conclusion. If liberals think the best of men in general, why on Earth do they seem to assume no one can take care of themselves?

Bob S. said...


Liberals think assume the best of everyone -- after they've been told by the liberals how to behave, what to believe, how to eat, etc.

The liberals believe in the potential for best in everyone, conservatives figure that the individual has had the opportunities to become the best they can.

That is why conservatives are so often seen as pessimists; they've seen how few people make the best of what they have.

Love the English solution to many problems -- issue an Anti Social Behavioral Order. (ASBO)

That's right an order from the court on what proper behavior the person should maintain.

I'll let the irony of that percolate for a bit

Linoge said...

Ahh, but blaming and demonizing the object means you will not have to blame hte person, which then means you are not doing something "wrong"/non-PC, and also saves you from the trouble of actually having to catch and prosecute a criminal.

Liberals are nothing if not lazy, especially if being lazy allows them the opportunity to exert more control over those around them, amusingly enough.