Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quote of The Day - Hoping for Bloodshed

"Unfortunately, it's going to take a few more Columbines and Virginia Techs to get our elected officials off their asses and close the loophole, because they won't respond to logic."

- Delaware Liberal Contributor "MJ"

This is a sentiment you see expressed by anti-gunners fairly often. They're sad pandas who have lost the intellectual and factual debate. They are stuck hoping for tragedy and bloodshed to take place so that they can exploit it in an effort to shove gun control down our throats

Of course the evil "loophole" MJ and his moonbat ilk want closed is not a "loophole" at all. It is simply the ability for two law-abiding Delawareans to engage in lawful intrastate commerce. We're talking about the sale of a good which both parties may legally possess. MJ wants to force me to jump through hoops and go through a government intermediary in order for me to sell a Sig to someone like Rob. Two people with CCW permits transferring ownership of a firearm privately! Oh the horror!

You'll note that these kinds of sales are currently taking place illegally between prohibited persons everyday. It's already a felony for both parties when they do it. As such, closing the "loophole" has no impact whatsoever on the black market arms trade, but it does prevent upstanding citizens from selling legal goods. That of course is the point. Gun control has never been about violent criminals, rather it's about pressing the boot down further to control the rest of us.


Bob S. said...

A simple test would help put this to rest if they were interested in logic/evidence/reality over the illusion of doing something good.

Is the level of violence higher, lower or no different in states that require backgrounds checks than in states that don't require it?

The CDC examined this issue, along with many others, and found insufficient evidence to the effectiveness of gun control laws.

Surely if something as drastically needed as 'closing the loophole' law was needed, there would be evidence, eh?

Anonymous said...

I have contacted Mike Piccone (sp) from Guns and Patriot's webpage to attempt to discover the logic of why the nra still will not confirm or deny their stand on harry reid's endorsement. About 2 weeks ago Mike said I don't have the real story and some day he will give us X-life members(40+ years) the real story. Right now us little people that cannot contribute monthly stipends have to wait while lapierre and the bunch try and polish the image of one of the most corrupt unethical U.S.senators in history of this great nation. Shame on the nra. Their logic on this issue depends on what crystal ball they are using to determine the nov. election. Before cancelling my 40+ year life membership I called-emailed- and finally talked to one director and 1 AZ. rep. Their take is-I just don't understand the beltway. They have caved again for $ and power. SHAME on the nra.We are keeping our guns without any help from the unresponsive power brokers. good luck

herk fin Arizona

Linoge said...

Y'know, a reasonable, adult, mature human being would take the time to examine their position and arguments, consider what they are saying, and then realize that they are honestly wishing for more people to be murdered such that they can pass some asinine, authoritarian law... and then get so disgusted at themselves that they abandon that position and find one wherein random, innocent people are not murdered for their political gain.

I mean, how do these people not see that - or, more specifically, how are they so very gorramed callous as to intentionally blind themselves to it? Because I have little to no doubt that they will not be up on the volunteer line should a similar situation ever happen in the future...

The "loophole" does not exist. Period. All sales and purchases at gunshows are subject to the same laws and regulations that they would be subject to if they were not taking place at a gunshow. Conversations on the topic have to start from that point, or they are meaningless.

Anonymous said...

We had this loophole closed several years ago, here in California. The violent crime rate plunged so severely that it is actually negative now.

No, really.

Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown