Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quote of The Day - Teaching New Shooters

"She has decided that I am the one she trusts to teach her, and I will not betray that trust by scaring her. We should all remember that when someone asks us to teach them. They are trusting us to be their guide into a new world. We should commit to guiding them in gently and with all the knowledge we can impart. I would love for her to decide that it is fun and something she wants to do regularly. If it’s fun, she’ll practice. Teaching someone to shoot is more than just showing them how to make a gun go bang. Don’t teach them how to use a gun; teach them to be shooters."

- Jennifer - On bringing someone terrified of guns into the "gunnie" fold.

This is an eloquent bit from Jennifer. Every new shooter is different, so tailoring your tactics to each person is essential to having a successful 1st range trip. For many newbies it's a journey that starts with much trepidation, so take it easy, slow if needed, and most importantly, make it FUN. Don't overload them with information.

I look at my mother and am shocked at the difference. A few years ago she was afraid of ammunition. Earlier this year she's telling people how much fun she had shooting guns and she's got an AR-15 on the kitchen counter helping me pull off the handguards.

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