Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three Words

"Just fight back."

Kudos to this woman for doing what was necessary to defend herself. Bite, claw, scratch, or gouge the scumbags eyes out, but do something! If she'd listened to the typical anti-gunner / police advice of "just give them what they want" she'd be a rape victim and would have to carry that burden for the rest of her life.........or worse, she'd be dead.

Hopefully the serious knee injury the intended victim inflicted upon this rapist will put him at a predatory disadvantage for the rest of his life.

When you forcibly enter someones home and try to harm them you deserve every bit of violence coming to you, whether it's in the form of fists, a bat, or multiple jacketed hollowpoints. I wish she'd beat his ass up a little more.

I don't have one damn ounce of sympathy for violent offenders. Not one. In fact, I'm happy to see harm come to them. I care only for the well-being of their intended victims.

Also, from the article,

"Shaking off the punch to her jaw she pushed him backwards and he fell into the stove.

"I grabbed the top of his head and pulled his shirt off. He went to go out the back door but I was standing there."

The scumbag hit her and as soon as he realized he was facing a fighter and not some meek, submissive victim, he tried to run. He won't be running again for a long time after this beating.


Glenn B said...

Hopefully she will not be charged criminally nor will she be sued successfully.

Jake said...

That woman has a lot of heart