Friday, August 20, 2010

Yes, I Can Haz Ammo!

I just scored a case of Speer Lawman of the .45 ACP variety on Gunbroker!

Also, it's Friday and I'm going on vacation! Woot!


Jay G said...

Nice on both counts, Mike! At least I'm on vacation too... :)

Mike W. said...

It's grand aint it?

I'm actually not headed to the beach till later Saturday. Gonna try and hit the range in the morning before I leave :)

FightinBluHen51 said...

The question is, how much did you pay per round?

And vacation rocks, and even weekends at the beach or on the boat rock. Fishing is a great relaxation tool!

Mike W. said...

FBH - About the going rate for .45ACP. $18ish / box shipped. A bit more than what I'd have paid for WWB or Remington UMC bulk packs.

That said, I'll pay a bit more if it means getting better ammo and, more importantly, not having to drive all over bumblefuck looking for it. .45ACP is hard to find round these parts. (I.E. damn near impossible.)

Also, I don't like to buy ammo at Walmart unless I have no other choice.