Friday, September 3, 2010

Buy Me Presents

It's my birthday on Monday, and I'd ask that if you're feeling generous please click on the United Cerebral Palsy link on my sidebar and make a donation.*

Also, I got a raise here at The Firm. A little less than half the raise I got last year, slightly offset by a much larger bonus. I suppose it's time to put that bonus away, ask my bosses to write some recommendations, get off my ass and apply to Widener.

*If you really want to get me something and you know my address then go for it.


Il Principe said...

Is there a difference between brands of ammunition and the types of cartridges you use? I know how my firearm handles with 165 grain full metal jacket flat point ammo, but have never fired it with hallow points. Is there a noticable difference?

Weer'd Beard said...

Happy Birthday Mike! I'd buy you a box of .357 Sig if it wouldn't burn my hands to touch it!

And Il Principe, if you have a concern about your gun, and are an anti-rights bigot, just sell your gun. There are plenty of gun owners who aren't bigots that we can do fine without you.

Linoge said...

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Weer'd: he could always "dispose" of them like Sparky "did"....