Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Really Quite Sad

Peter & Paul and their ilk at the Brady Campaign are busy peddling the same old crap they've been pushing for decades. Their fearmongering, ignorant screeds are rarely even entertaining, since they simply keep reusing the same old alarmist rhetoric.

The anti-gun bloggers (what few there are) aren't fairing much better. MikeB was forced to bring a well-known & vile anti-gunner into his ranks who does the only thing he knows how. That is, devote entire posts to attacking any pro-gun blogger he can dig up info on. He has a particular fascination with Linoge.

Laci, a blogger who has consistently called for and celebrated the death of pro-gun folks has now adopted the Jadegold model for blogging. He's taken to writing entire posts personally attacking and even outing myself, Weer'd and others in the most childish manner possible.

I have to say his most recent post dedicated to attacking Breda was especially pathetic. I'll bet she got all of 3 or 4 hits from it, if that.

These folks are angry and desperate. Having lost the intellectual debate long ago they're reduced to attacking low level bloggers. I suspect the attack on Breda was simply a matter of jealousy since she recently surpassed 1 million visits since October 2007.

This is what the anti-gunners are reduced to, personal attacks that aren't even funny or original. I'm happy to see it, it means we're winning.

You know, just one of these days I'd like to be wrong and find an anti-gunner who isn't Sad But Predictable.

*no links for any of these folks. They get little traffic as it is and I see no reason to drive more their way.

H/T to Weer'd

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Linoge said...

Cyberstalking: It is what anti-rights nuts do rather than present, or even consider, logical, reasonable, and/or rational arguments.

I mean, what else are they going to do?