Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lying to Win

The anti-gun position necessitates dishonesty. Their positions have always been based on lies and many anti-gunners are pathological liars. It's no surprise then that many Tennnessee restaurants that have claimed to have posted "no guns" signs have in fact not done so.

Wizard PC went and visited many of the businesses listed here as "gun free restaurants" and found that most did not have the proper signage required to prohibit firearms under TN law. So these places are opposed to customers lawfully carrying on their property but are too lazy to even put up the proper signage? That's just sad. Besides, don't they know how vulnerable they are to armed criminals if they don't have to proper "no guns" signs?


Bob S. said...

I'll jump in with a semi-defense of the antis.

There are a couple of other options here.

a.) the restaurants thought about how much business they would loose and decided not to post.

b.) the restaurants are trying to eat their cake and have it too; saying one thing in the press to get the publicity and then actually doing another to keep the gun owner business.
(this one is debatable since many gun owners are stubborn and spiteful of those not fully supporting our rights).

c.) the anti crowd is flat out lying about who is anti-gun and who isn't.

Either way, the restaurants listed are going to feel the effects; either bad publicity or less business.

The antis won't be hurt as much; because as we've seen -- their supporters fully approve of lying to win if needed.

Weer'd Beard said...

Option C. seems the most likely knowing who does these things.

Also it could be that when a restaurant owner is confronted with a political issue they punt to keep people happy. It goes with the job, leaving them much like the Ferry Captain in "The Outlaw Josey Whales" who would quickly transition from singing Dixie to The Star Spangle Banner, to make all his patrons think he was a kindred spirit.

Bob S. said...


The Ferry Boat Captain scenario was Option B.

Thinking about this more, it really shows the relative strength of people on either side of the issue.

If there was truly a huge outcry for gun free dining; wouldn't we see nearly every place so marked?

G and G said...

Having lived in Tennessee all my life, I have to agree with Weer'd. With such a strong rural/southern populace, any business owner who would do anything to exclude that segment of their patrons would be a fool. By the same token, they are not going to risk rocking the boat by telling someone with access to mass media what they want to hear. Media=potential customers, no?

Given time, I think (hope) this will eventually pass and be forgotten.

BTW, Mike, you run a great blog.


Sabra said...

How about hidden option D--they never bothered learning what it would take for their signs to carry legal weight? We see a lot of that around here--"No guns allowed" but no code citation.

Of course, option B is highly likely as well, but personally I never go for deviousness when stupidity is also an option.

Epsilon Given said...

I would go with likely both B. and C.

When it comes to politics--especially for highly charged issues like this--I think it's a rotten thing to try to drag businesses into the matter.

It's likely that the owners of these businesses just want to be left alone, and don't want anything to scare away business.

Kind-of like Starbucks, trying to keep out of the fray of the Open Carry issue.