Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Giving Sarah Brady Fits

A 10 year old girl shoots an evil M1 Carbine "assault rifle,*" Sarah Brady cries, and bigoted anti-gunners like this woman go into fits.

This just brings a huge smile to my face!

*While the M1 Carbine was not banned under the 94' AWB, many proposed bans thereafter banned the M1 Carbine by name.

Hey Breda, was she as tall as you?

Updated - Thanks to Jeff in comments, who corrected my error. I originally stated that the M1 Carbine was banned under the 94 AWB. It was not, though HR1022 would have expanded the 94' law to ban it by name.


Jeff the Baptist said...

"The 94 Assault Weapons Ban as well as many proposed bans thereafter banned the M1 Carbine by name."

NO IT DID NOT. The various extension proposals that came out when the sunset was about to hit (like the one you linked to) did add M1 carbine to the list of banned list. Original enacted text of the '94 ban is here. You'll note that it mentions the UZI, Galil, Tec-9, AK, FAL, and AR-15; there is no mention of the SKS or M1 Carbine.

This is why the Garand, M1 carbine, and SKS are some of the only assault weapons that are commonly available in California. It is also why many of the Brady cop killer studies that prominently featured the M1 Carbine as an "assault weapon" were being fundamentally dishonest.

breda said...

She was shorter than me - but not by a lot. ;)

Anonymous said...

What th'?

The Garand is an "assault weapon"? Not hardly. First, it won't accept an external magazine. Second, it's a full-power battle rifle, not an intermediate-power carbine. If I wanted to go into full self-righteous Jeff Cooper mode, then third, it has never been select fire or full auto. And fourth, it was never listed to be banned in California by what I refer to as the "121 Morons Under The Gold Dome".

Oh, and if you can't tell, I don't like the term "assault weapon". It's meaningless.

Cheers, Medium-Sized Jake

Mike W. said...

Shit - You are indeed correct Jeff. HR1022 named the M1, the original 94' AWB did not.

I'll edit the post.