Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hand Grenades, RPG's & Gun Shows. Oh My!

Please Joan Peterson, tell me where oh where can I get hand grenades and RPG's. Which U.S. gun shows exactly? Personally I think it'd be pretty cool to own shit that blows up!

I'd ask where this moonbat comes up with the idea that we can get grenades & RPG's at U.S. gun shows, but then I remember that the Brady Campaign and the anti-gun media have been repeating that blatant lie for years.

H/T to Weer'd (who spelled divorce wrong)


Weer'd Beard said...

I'll have you know your dictionary just spelled it wrong.

You're a common idiot, Mike, I know because Laci told me, and he's been to law school, and only smart people go to law school...like Barack Obama!

mike's spot said...

grenades would be pretty epic. . . though I think I'd like a 40mm more. how expensive would reloading those be I wonder?

Christina RN LMT said...

Heh, Weerd spells many things wrong. Like "propaganda". LOL

And I think every woman should properly accessorize with hand grenades, don't you?

RuffRidr said...

Here's another gem from her:

In one study, one of the few to be done by the ATF since their efforts have been hampered by the gun lobby, it was estimated that 30% of the crime guns traced came from gun shows.

I assume she is talking about Tiahrt here hampering the ATF. This just goes to show one more time that she hasn't a clue.