Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sorry folks

Been at the beach helping do this all day. There is way too much decking on this house.

I have retrieved the Dogfish Head Bitches Brew from down here, so expect a review sometime.

There may not be too much content here for a bit since I'm moving tomorrow (and probably in stages thereafter). Moving all my ammo is going to be a real bitch.

That's a very small portion of the deck.

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the pistolero said...

Moving is not fun, but beach houses certainly are. My family had one on the Texas coast northeast of Galveston for a few years. I had some great times there.

Nancy R. said...

Good grief. I think I've lived in houses with fewer square feet than that!

Mike W. said...

Nancy - that pic shows maybe 1/5th of the deck on that level. There's decking all the way around the house on the lower level too. Like I said, too much damn deck. We still have more to rip off on the ocean side of the bouse.

Thankfully only the top level needs replacing. It was in bad shape after close to 20 years of beach weather. It also sees the most use.