Saturday, October 2, 2010

Taking A Break

Obama thinks he needs another vacation. I think he should take Congress along with him. America could use a break from all of them.

“I’d appreciate a little break and some Tuscan sun,” “Some pasta. I can use it.”

Also, don't worry Barry. You and Michelle only have 840 days left living in the White House "in hell" on the taxpayers' dime. If it's too unbearable you can always do America a favor and resign.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick - how many vacations has that halfwitted, self-centered neophyte taken already?

Robert McDonald said...

What a prick. Why doesn't he resign so he can go on permanent vacation already?

Mike W. said...

I know. Vacations, plenty of golf, life in the White House with servants, personal chef, driver, plane, security detail.....

How awful!

Bob s. said...

Hey guys, KNOCK IT OFF.

The more time he spends away from Washington and people in power, the less things are screwed up.

Encourage him to take a break, heck if I had a cabin in the woods - I'd offer it up.

I want him, and all the other politicians, doing as little as possible.