Monday, October 18, 2010

Why We Win - Lying Anti-Gunners

I've always believed that one of the greatest resources us pro-rights folks have are the anti-gunners themselves. They will brazenly lie to push their agenda, which makes it all too easy to expose their lies.

Case in point, Brady board member Joan Peterson who spouts an easily refutable lie.

."We all know it's legal for felons and mentally ill people to purchase guns without background checks."

When Sean calls her on this lie she doubles down and repeats it, saying,

"It's not illegal for private sellers to sell guns to anyone without background checks at gun shows and elsewhere. That means felons and other prhobited purchasers. Don't play dumb, Sean. You know that is what I'm talking about."

It is in fact illegal per federal law to knowingly sell a gun to a felon or other "prohibited person." This holds true both at gun shows and anywhere else. Not only would it be a felony for the seller, it is also a federal felony for a prohibited person to make such a purchase.

As a matter of law I may not sell a firearm to a prohibited person. As a matter of law a prohibited person may not receive or possess a firearm. To claim otherwise when you've repeatedly been informed of the matter is nothing short of a lie.

Then again, the positions of anti-gunners have always been predicated upon dishonesty. Their positions crumble when exposed to facts and the truth.

The only person playing dumb here is Brady Campaign board member Joan Peterson.


Bob S. said...

I think she confuses the ability to do so with the legality of doing so.

Much in the same way drunk drivers can drink and drive -- doesn't make it legal or right.

Yes, prohibited persons can purchase a firearm but they have to break the law to do so.

What does she propose to do -- make it illegaller for someone to break the law?

Or perhaps we aren't dumb, we aren't ignorant of history either; as soon as they show that "outlawing" private sales to prohibited persons doesn't work there will be another law and another law and another law.

Anonymous said...

Joan seems to be of the mistaken mindset that if something is illegal, no one can do it ever, period, end of discussion (as she is all too wont to say).

Unfortunately, as the laws concerning murder, rape, assault, and so forth indicate, that is simply not the case.

It is completely illegal for felons to purchase firearms, it is completely illegal for people to knowingly sell firearms to felons, and it is completely illegal for felons to ever be in possession of a firearm.

However, if she were to admit to those facts, her mindless hysteria and propaganda would seem completely meaningless and pointless... so she keeps repeating the same lie over and over again, in order to perpetuate the myth that gun shows are the prime source of guns for criminals.

This, too, is, of course, false.

Weer'd Beard said...

I've pointed out that it was 100% illegal for her departed brother-in-law to both own guns AND to murder her sister.

Oddly enough those comments weren't published.