Friday, November 5, 2010

Off The Air

It appears Keith Olbermann is off the air. He's been suspended by MSNBC. Good. Olbermann was a prime example of a lying, ignorant, raging leftist. That said, Olbermann has never pretended to be anything but a biased political hack, regardless of the fact that MSNBC calls him a "news anchor."

Now, I don't necessarily think that media outlets should have policies barring individual campaign contributions by employees. That said, Olbermann is free to support any Liberal politician he chooses, and MSNBC is free terminate him for violating his employment contract. I've never marveled at Olbermann's intelligence, but even I thought he'd know better than to blatantly violate MSNBC's ethics policies. Actions have consequences Keith.

Now, If Chris Matthews had done this I could almost excuse him. That "tingle up his leg" must be mighty distracting.


bluesun said...

My inner cynic is asking how long it will be before he gets his job back.

Sabra said...

I find it interesting that we blogged about the same topic and had opposite takes on it; that doesn't happen too often. I am hearing a lot of "he shouldn't have violated his contract"...which is a perfectly valid argument, but for the fact that there is no indication it was part of his contract. It seems to have been an NBC News policy. Of course, your same argument applies--he violated company policy.