Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why You Should Never Hand A Loaded Gun To A Newbie

Because having someone muzzle you, even momentarily, with one of your own guns is pretty damn uncool.*

I'm a pretty quiet guy, but I can yell "Watch where you're pointing that thing!" really damn loud. I didn't actually yell all that loud, but loud enough to get the point across.

*The gun in question was not loaded and all ammo & mags were in a separate room but that's irrelevant. Remember rule #1.


Bob S. said...

I've had that happen before and I've refrained from yelling. I thought that it might dissuade the person from wanting to go shooting.

I did mention it, response was "but it is unloaded"; I quickly pointed out that developing habits is what it was about.

Most people don't think through the safety aspects instantly and immediately.

I don't think it is irrelevant where the ammo and mags were but useful in pointing out that usually you have to break 2 of the 4 rules for injury.

Mike W. said...

I think I got the point across rather quickly and decisively. He was mindful of where he pointed things from them on.

What happened was he adjusted his grip and turned the gun to more comfortably lock the slide back. The direction was of course directly at me.

I'll work with him. In my experience the 4 rules are learned through repetition. I don't know how many times I practiced simply picking up an unloaded gun with my finger indexed on the frame. I did a lot of that before I even hit the range.

Weer'd Beard said...

In my years of handing somebody their first real gun to hold, I've found that the more liberal and anti-gun the recipient is the likely hood of an immediately rule #2 violation approaches zero.

The first time I was ASTONISHED at this reaction. Its the opposite than I'd logically think...if you're afraid of guns wouldn't you hold it like it was a live snake and do EXACTLY what you were told lest it "Just Go Off" per your liberal legends?

And like Bob, the FIRST thing that happened after the gun was snatched from said leftie's grip was "But you JUST showed me that it was unloaded!"