Thursday, December 30, 2010

Corn & Cheese

Breda's mom asked me to review this, so I figured I'd share it here on the blog as well.

My roommate's mom brought some Filipino "corn & cheese" ice cream over Christmas. It sounds gross, but he insisted otherwise and bugged me about trying it. He also got me to try pomegranates, which are great, just a pain in the butt to eat.

Truth be told it's actually pretty tasty. It's not overly sweet nor does it taste artificially flavored. It quite literally tastes like sweet corn and even has little bits of corn mixed in. It isn't my favorite ice cream, but it is good. Worth a try at least.


Laura said...

is your roommate Filipino?

...CAN HIS MOTHER MAKE ME SINIGANG??!? guh, that's the one thing i MISS about not being friendly with Durka anymore. his mother's cooking was out of this world.

Ace said...

Dude, forget that stuff. Go for ube ice cream.

And find you some halo-halo.

And falnfenix--forget sinigang. Lumpia and adobo is all you need.

Mike W. said...

Ace - there's Lumpia in the fridge right now. It's good.

Laura - I'll ask about that stuff. He's half black half Filipino.

Laura said...

Ace - i like adobo and lumpia, but i've had a fierce craving for sinigang for...erm, 2 years, now? more, maybe? once i get some sinigang in me i'll remember the other tasty foodses. ;) i know there was something that was made with pig's blood and it smelled absolutely awful while cooking, but i couldn't get enough of it when it came to eating. THAT is something i never want to bring into this house (because the cats would be trying to climb up me to get to it) but would like to have again.

Mike - oh god i will love his mother forever if she'd make some and freeze it. tell him i offer a food exchange - if she wants something specific, i'll do my best to make it for her.