Friday, December 17, 2010

Never trust the liberal media

Anytime a shooting happens that receives nationwide attention, the shooter morphs into a "right-winger" who only went on his rampage because Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin & Fox News sprinkled magic, racist, fairy dust on him right before he went nuts.

I wish I were joking, but liberals and our own government tend to morph these shooters into crazy right wingers despite the facts. That fits their narrative, and so they'll spread it as truth regardless of reality.

Of course since the Florida shooter looks to have been a leftist we won't have the liberal talking heads ranting for days on end about "right wing hate speech" and how the "irresponsible rhetoric" of the Right is the cause of such violence.

Think we will ever hear MSNBC, CNN, or anyone else in the liberal MSM attack Media Matters, Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann because of what the Florida shooter did? Yeah, that'll happen when hell freezes over.

Considering these shootings always somehow become Glenn Beck's fault I'm glad to see him fighting back. The fact is when some pissed off nutcase goes on a shooting spree it's not the media's fault, left or right. Responsibility lies on the criminal with the gun.


Bag Blog said...

When I saw the video of the shooter in the FL school board meeting, I thought it was a good thing that someone else there was carrying a gun or else everyone in the room would be dead. Then I thought it would really have been better if someone on the board had had a gun; it would have been over even quicker that way. In Harrold, TX last year a school administrator wanted to his teachers to have conceal and carry licenses and keep a gun in the classroom. The Liberal Media did not like that at all.

Weer'd Beard said...

Oh wow! Remember when Southern Beale allowed comments? Oh and more memories of when she allowed comments...even if they didn't agree with her!

Them were the old days!