Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quote Of The Day - Mass Shootings

"In the countless instances of mass shootings, they all have one thing in common: had someone present been carrying a gun, countless lives would have been saved. Gun control advocates like to ignore that little nugget of logic, but keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens does nothing but ensure that they are defenseless when confronted with a gun-wielding criminal."

Cassy Fiano - writing at

It's nice to see someone in the media state that which is painfully obvious and which pro-gun folks have known for years. Also, anti-gunners don't just ignore "nuggets of logic" they are completely impervious to it.

Read her whole article. I could've taken a couple different passages for my QOTD.

H/T to Alphecca


R. Stanton Scott said...

Keeping firearms out of the hands of nutjobs like this would also work. But gun "rights" supporters always ignore that little nugget of logic.

You are a real piece of work, dude. A real piece of work.

Linoge said...

Seriously, Stan, do you actually have anything... substantial to add to Mike's weblog? Or are you not here for the hunting?

(Psst: That question was purely rhetorical - we already know the answer, and we know that you know it too...)

Weer'd Beard said...

Here's a not Rhetorical question (that I asked before, I can only imagine he didn't answer it then was it was too difficult for him)

Can you name a country that is able to keep guns from the hands of its criminal element?

Weer'd Beard said...

Better off Banned, if you ask me. What good does this rube accomplish here?

Mike W. said...

Better off Banned, if you ask me. What good does this rube accomplish here?

Weer'd - That's not even worth the effort given who we're dealing with here.

He'll leave turds here like the ignorant bigot that he is and serve as a great example of how morally and intellectually bankrupt gun control advocates are.

Then he'll get bored, disappear and run a irrelevant blog that no one save a handful of pro-gunners actually bothers to read.

I've dealt with the likes of Mr. Scott before, I know how it is and I know what to expect. He's down to total obfuscation, avoidance, and childish personal attacks at this point.

He'll be gone soon enough, off to the dustbin of history with his fellow anti-rights bigots.