Monday, December 13, 2010

Quote of The Day - Old Fat Guys

"The old fat guys have had enough, and with the internet, they have communication with all the other fat old guys who’ve had enough. They’ve realized that they are not alone, and that the system is rotten. They aren’t photogenic, but they’ve got numbers, and increasingly, nothing left to lose."

- Sean D. Sorrentino of NC Guns.

I happen to agree with Sean. You can take the most mild-mannered, even tempered person imaginable and if you push them hard enough and for long enough they will push back. If you continue to trample their rights and treat them with contempt they'll eventually get fed up to the point where their best recourse is to fight back. That's basic human nature when you're backed into a corner. When the government starts pressing boots to people's necks you'll get to the point where some brave souls will try and cut off feet.

Until this kind of government overreach and abuse of power stops we're going to see more and more honest, hard-working American's having their "line in the sand" breached.

If you don't know about Joel Rosenberg's story read this. Also see Skidmark's story here and donate to his legal defense fund if you're able. I threw him a few bucks and got a response from his lawyer. I wish both these men the best of luck. Both men stood up for their rights and had the power of the State come down on them hard. Rosenberg's case in particular was one of outright retaliation by the police.

I know that Kevin Baker wrote a great piece on "lines in the sand" but I can't find it for the life of me.

H/T to Sean Sorrentino


Kevin said...

Might it be this one?

Sean D Sorrentino said...

I remember that post. I still like it a lot. I think that sums it up. If you fuck with me bad enough, I'll kill your ass. Thanks for the link.

Mike W. said...

Thanks Kevin. That was the post, though I seem to remember another in that same vein.

Sean - No problem. I think that line sums it up beautifully. Having met Sayuncle it's that much better coming from him.