Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sad Trolls

In the 3 years I've written this blog I've occasionally gotten trolls that were so downright nasty it was actually a bit amusing. Some trolls however are just pathetic. This guy is one such troll

Just once I'd like to see an anti-gun blogger who is capable of intelligently debating the issue. It would certainly make things a bit more sporting. As it is it's more like shooting fish in a barrel. That said, if they were capable of rational thought and intelligent debate on this issue they wouldn't be anti-gun, now would they?

*To be sure, there are intelligent people who are anti-gun advocates but when it comes to the gun issue even they cannot rationally and intelligently discuss it.

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Linoge said...

Damned near an insult to actual trolls to refer to these halfwits by the same term... Used to be trolling was something of an art form that took a delicate hand and sharp mind to string along the target, but these ham-handed neophytes make it far too easy to identify them as what they are.

"Why back in my day..."