Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - 100 years of JMB's 1911

2011 is the 100th anniversary of the 1911, quite possibly John Moses Browning's greatest contribution to mankind.

Will 2011 be the year I buy my first 1911? I sure as hell hope so. If I do it'll be of the go big or go home variety. No offense to anyone who has one, but I have little interest in a low-end RIA or similar 1911. I'd really like a Dan Wesson PM-7.


Anonymous said...

Dan Wesson makes FINE 1911s. I think the DW is about the closest thing to a custom gun that you can get, Kimbers be damned. A Springfield Loaded would be a fine choice as well.

mike's spot said...

No shortage of great 1911s on the market right now. That PM-7 looks pretty epic. In that price range you could probably track down some nice STI guns as well.

I personally like the new springfield armory range officer- but much like some of their other low and mid price point guns- i don't believe that they are domestic products.

Weer'd Beard said...

No Sig Sauer 1911?

I've had good luck with my S&Ws. Tho everybody I know who has a DW LOVES it, and doesn't feel the need to mod it.

There are a few cheaper 1911s that look promising too, like the Desert Eagle, or the Remington R1.

TXGunGeek said...

I would suggest you give a serious look to STI. Virgil Tripp has carried JMB's spirit forward with the 2011 of pistols and makes some darn fine 1911's too. I put together a bit of a tribute to start the new year.


Unknown said...

When I bought my Kimber, I did a years worth of research on which one I wanted, and the Dan Wesson was always at the top. I have heard lots of good about them, and will one day own an RZ10. The Kimber was on the shelf when I was ready to buy though, and I have no regrets.