Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An annoying anti-gun argument

We all know that pretty much all anti-gun arguments are emotionally based and devoid of logic, however some of their arguments are more ridiculous than others. I wanted to share one such argument.

It's no secret that my dad is very anti-gun. I've talked about it before and discussed it on BB& Guns. Most of you also know that I bought my first gun back in 2007 while I was still in college and living at home. Prior to that purchase I had sat down with he and my mom and discussed my intention to buy a Walther P22.

If you've ever been around someone who is both vehemently anti-gun and narcissistic you can imagine how that "discussion" went. It essentially ended with my father forbidding me from buying a gun, my purchasing a Sig P6 anyway and keeping it in a lockbox in the bedroom. Did I go against his wishes? Sure, but I wasn't about to forgo the correct course of action because of his irrational, emotional, angry ramblings. I should thank Dad one day for keeping me from purchasing a potmetal ZAMAK gun as my first.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. One of the arguments he made back then for why I couldn't buy a gun was that "criminals break into houses looking for guns, so you shouldn't have one." This is, without a doubt one of the most inane positions imaginable. I actually almost laughed at dad when he said this, but I restrained myself since that'd be disrespectful.

The idea that you shouldn't own a product because it's often stolen and used in crime is simply bizarre, yet that was one of dad's key reasons for not wanting a gun in the house.* A huge percentage of traffic fatalities are alcohol related. Does that mean we shouldn't keep booze in the house? Honda Civic's are often stolen, so by Dad's logic no one should own one and I should've gotten rid of mine.

Truth be told Dad was right, guns are a favorite thing for criminals to steal, but you're no more likely to be burglarized due to gun ownership than you would be because you own any other valuable good. I could have said that maybe he should sell his flatscreen HDTV, since that's a favorite of burglars and is just asking to get plucked.

I didn't use the TV argument or anything similar because it was clear there was no point. My dad tends to be emotional and irrational on certain issues and on those issues he's generally ignored by the rest of the family. Not maliciously of course, it's more of a lying by omission tactic. When you know full well how someone is going to react keeping them in the dark can be beneficial to all parties involved. I'd liken it to the way you'd respond to your crazy uncle. Just say "OK uncle Jessi" politely dismiss his comment and then get on with whatever you were going to do / say.

To this day I keep him in the dark about my gunniedom. He has no clue how many guns I own, how much ammo I have, that I have a CCW permit, or that I've ever carried a gun. It's easier than dealing with someone who is so obviously emotionally unhinged on the gun issue.

*The real reason of course was projection. He doesn't trust himself with a gun, therefore he doesn't trust his son with one and doesn't want one around.


JoeMerchant24 said...

Replace "dad" with "mom" and you have my youth in a nutshell as well.

Nicely written, Mike.

Bob S. said...

Next time I encounter this argument, I'm going to ask the anti for all their money.

After all, that is one of the main -if not main reason -- people are mugged, homes broken into, etc; right?

They had better give it to me instead of keeping it in the house.

Anonymous said...

I have a family member that is similar, we keep our voices low and tend to go to another room if the subject comes up. Can't rationalize with someone like this so no point in trying and it just causes hard feelings in our family.

mike's spot said...

That must make for a tough go of things, shooting with your mom and having to deal with an Anti-dad. I'm fortunate that both my parents are gunnies with CCWs (though my mother didn't get hers until after I got mine).

I feel like I vaguely remember you mentioning your dad is also unsafe around guns (I may be imagining this).

What I don't understand is people who dislike guns, refusing to respect proper safety etiquette.

I don't want a highway in my backyard, but I'm not going to play frogger on it just out spite.

Linoge said...

Maybe it is just my general-purpose orneriness, but not doing something, not buying something, not allowing something, not choosing something simply off of what another person, of their own free, independent, and individual will, might do, is just plain idiotic.

This is not to insult your father or anything, just to say that the argument is completely lacking of any merit whatsoever.

Life is risk, and one cannot legislate, regulate, or control it away. We make our choices, we mitigate those risks, and we deal with the consequences... any other route is sheer folly.

TennGoodBoy said...

You'll shoot your eye out!

Joanna said...

I currently live with my godmother, and she has asked that I not bring a handgun into the house. (She tolerates my long guns, as long as they're put away.) She also asked that my boyfriend leave his carry piece in the car when he comes over. I've had conversations with her similar to what you described, with the exception that she's very perceptive and knows when she's being irrational about something. We agreed to disagree (and I agreed to abide by her requests) based solely on recognition of that fact.

Mike W. said...

I've had conversations with her similar to what you described, with the exception that she's very perceptive and knows when she's being irrational about something.

my initial conversations with my mom were like this. She was opposed but willing to admit that her position was irrational. She's since gone to the range with me and come around quite a bit.

NotClauswitz said...

Sounds a bit like my dad. After our house was burglarized back in the mid 70's and the TV stolen we didn't have a TV for quite a long time. Actually I didn't miss that. But guns fall under the, "Living under my roof" category - and I never had any while I lived there.

chris said...

That's too bad about your Dad being such an Anti. Some of my best times with my Dad have been at the range.

Kristophr said...

I do have to side with you father on one point: As long as you were living under his roof, morally, you were still a child, and he had the right to forbid you to own a handgun.

The proper course would have been to move your ass out, then exercise your rights as an adult and buy a handgun.

Mike W. said...

Completely fair point Kristopher. I don't live there currently so it's water under the bridge at this point.

Anonymous said...

My mom's the same way as your dad. She's not liberal, but she's extremely anti-gun. She wouldn't let my dad have a gun in the house, but lets him have a pellet rifle.

Yesterday, while talking about that Australian kid who was shot down in Oklahoma, she went off on a rant about how we need "sensible gun laws." She wouldn't listen to me at all about how "sensible" laws mean confiscating weapons from law-abiding citizens.

I plan on doing some gun safety classes in the not-so-distant future, and I can only imagine the reaction I'm gonna get from her if I buy a handgun.