Monday, January 10, 2011

Two Classes

A few weeks ago Alan said this about the chasm between the ruling/political class and the people

"In almost every issue, what the political class wants is the opposite of what the people want. The government of the United States no longer represents or listens to the will of the people."

In my opinion that's the biggest problem with folks in Washington. They think they're special and that we exist to provide them with power.

Uncle has a good example of just how special the political class thinks they are. They seem to think they should be able to carry guns for protection. I say let em walk around with NO protection whatsoever. If you're passing laws that prohibit me from carrying an effective means of self-defense you sure as hell don't deserve to be able to carry, especially in places where I can't. You want to carry in DC? Fine, you can do so the moment I can legally OC and/or CCW throughout the District of Columbia. Until then politicians should have to live under the same BS civil liberty infringements I'm forced to.

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