Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What the Feck?

I've had Feckin' Irish Whiskey before. I bought some on St. Patty's day last year to be exact. It's pretty good and a bit cheaper than Jameson, plus the name is just feckin' sweet!

This however, well I'm not sure what to make of it? Spiced vanilla whiskey? Spiced rum? OK. Flavored vodka? fine. Who the feck makes spiced vanilla whiskey? Maybe it's just me, but whiskey is supposed to be whiskey. Don't feck it up.


Evyl Robot Michael said...

I like my whiskey to be whiskey flavored.

NotClauswitz said...

Don't mess with my rum either.

word: enfeckmz!

Laura said...

i'm just going to pretend that doesn't exist, mmmkay?

Mike W. said...

Michael - Yup, though I don't mind it being Drambuie flavored either.

Dirtcrash - From my cold, dead hands ;)

Laura - The liquor store by me doesn't seem to be carrying it right now. Feck! Dunno why. They used to. Looks like I'll have to go somewhere else.