Wednesday, February 23, 2011


New Jovian Thunderbolt's post about the thumbs forward grip and lefties made me think of something an old friend of mine said to me years ago.

"Stupid lefties, no one likes you. Because of you, Steve Young is considered special. Because of you, there has to be 2 batters boxes in basesball. Left wingers are always the worst people on the field. And desks??? You make us righties have to sit elsewhere. I think its not fair to righties that you exist. Go back to your other planet, freaks.....maha. "

-Right Handers Anonymous

What Bells said back in 2004? makes me laugh even now. Those silly goddamn Canadians! Don't worry though, with Pinky & the Brain on our side us Lefties are going to take over the world! We just have to be sure to write our plans in notebooks with ink that doesn't smear everywhere as we write...


bluesun said...

I've actually got a very nice left handed notebook that opens in the correct direction. Your friend is obviously a dangerous, closed minded right hander.

Newbius said...

Use Uni-Ball 'Jetstream' pens. Best bet for lefties...I buy them for my daughter.