Friday, February 4, 2011

Quote of the day - Advocating violence

"Slavery is not only a wrong done to the slave, but an outrage upon man — not merely a curse to the South, but to the whole Union, and has no rightful existence anywhere. — Slaveholders have no rights more than any other thief or pirate. They have forfeited even the right to live, and if the slave should put every one of them to the sword to-morrow, who dare pronounce the penalty disproportioned to the crime, or say that the criminals deserved less than death at the hands of their long-abused chattels? "

-Frederick Douglass - February 9, 1849

Douglass is basically saying he wouldn't have any problem with slaves killing every single one of their slaveholders. Apparently Douglass is TJIC too. And for the record, I may not have agreed with TJIC's statement, but I'm in full agreement with Frederick Douglass here.


Laura said...

I agree with him, as well.

Linoge said...

You certainly would not see me getting in the way of a slave looking to settle accounts with his captor.

'Course, this brings us full-circle back to the racist roots of "gun control" - after all, if you were a slave-owner, you sure as hell would not want your once-property to be able to arm up and pay you a visit...