Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm a sucker for chicks with guns

"I'm a vegetarian – I'm not the type to want to go shoot a gun... Then I actually got to the range and totally fell in love with an M4. It was kind of amazing."

- Abbie Cornish - Star of the new film "Sucker Punch"

Imagine that, people shoot guns and learn that shooting is fun! This is why we win folks. There is no fun anti-gun pasttime.

I mentioned on Facebook that I really want to go see Sucker Punch. This makes me want to see it even more. Chicks with guns, what's not to love?!

Also, in the same vein, Falnfenix tells me that Kate Beckinsale will be back for Underworld 4 in her trademark skintight leather. I have no clue why the hell they made a fourth movie, since the first three weren't exactly box office hits. That said, eye candy, lots of guns, and werewolves & vampires is my kind of movie. Perhaps now that she's older Kate will be carrying a little more junk in this film?

H/T to Miller


cryptical said...

298 Million over 3 movies? That's a nice chunk of change, and that doesn't cover other revenue sources like DVD and cable.

Jeff the Baptist said...

The 3 Underworld movies cost $107 Mil to make and brought in $298 Mil. They're not mammoth blockbusters, but they're solidly profitable.

Christina RN LMT said...

Who cares whether they were box office hits? I LOVED these movies and am THRILLED that there's a new one coming out.

Larry said...

Kate in skintight leather is all the excuse you need for another Underworld movie.

Mike W. said...

Jeff & Cryptical - Oh they were certainly profitable, but hardly blockbusters. I completely agree folks.

Christina - I loved em too! I own the 1st two. The 3rd was a bit lacking without Kate Beckinsale in it, but still an entertaining movie.

Larry - Indeed!

Bob H said...

Why does she look as if she were sucking on a lemon in all the pics at that link?