Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh hell yes!

I saw this ad on TV last night and said "Hell Yes!"

That ad is right on the money. One thing that really bugged me was the line about people being "willing" to give their cash to unions. Most union dues are not voluntary. I know mine weren't when I worked a union job. I was a college student working part-time, and seeing part of my paycheck going to two different unions really irked me.

What really bugs me about these private sector unions is this. They are government workerss, so we pay their salaries. Then that taxpayer money gets taken from them, goes into the hands of unions, who then use their massive monetary influence to elect liberals. Funny how you rarely hear much in the MSM about such things, yet they'll bemoan the massive lobbying interests of the big, bad NRA.*

Let's look at all-time lobbying donors. Hmm, I see quite a few unions at the top of that list, the scariest being the NEA. Given the lobbying clout of the NEA and the fact that 93% of their donations go to Liberals is it any surprise that our education system in America indoctrinates students with BS Liberalism?

* You'll note that the NRA is #39 on the list.

Any liberal politician who tells you he won't be beholden to special interests or lobbyists is 100% full of shit. Of the top 25 lobbying groups only 4 leaned Republican in who they gave money to.

"Show me the money!"

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Divemedic said...

I am not a union member, but I see a problem here.

The supreme court has held that money donated for lobbying is protected speech when corporations do it. Wouldn't it follow that it is protected speech when a union does it? Or is the problem here that you don't feel that government employees should have free speech? Or is the problem here that the unions in question happen to be supporting Democrats?

Notice that the recent law in Wisconsin that eliminates collective bargaining does not do so for police and fire unions, who frequently support Republicans. That is why I believe that this has more to do with who the union supports than it does with anything else.

Also, the statement that public employees are paid more than private is not true. See this:


Rick said...

I think Divemedic has COMPLETELY missed the point about the "union lobbying" reference. The problem is not "union lobbying" (ALL lobbying is valid, there should be no limitations at all), the problem is the hypocrisy of the MSM and liberals for attacking the NRA lobbying efforts when the NRA is insignificant compared to the union lobby. That is serious hypocrisy and proves an extreme liberal bias.

The Wisconsin reform excluded police and firemen unions purely for practical reasons. That's another area that needs special attention. To do it at the same time would have been just plain stupid.

The fact that there is ANY difference in pay between Union and non-Union is a real problem in itself. We already have laws preventing employee abuse. Nobody is a slave laborer, so 100 year old union arguments just don't fly anymore.

Here's the real issue: Unions take dues (forced, by the way). Unions take that money and elect their own Union Politicians. They then negotiate terms with those same politicians! The politicians have NO stake in the game. If they create massive debts, they will be gone years before their actions harm the system. How can anyone argue FOR a system like that? It's insane.