Friday, April 29, 2011


So there was a little shindig last night for Sayuncle, who enjoyed just a nip of bourbon.  There was good beer, a whole gaggle of awesome gunbloggers and a few industry folks. As luck would have it this took place at my hotel! GunUp's Little Giant was there, though with facial hair and sans tactical Starbucks cup I almost didn't recognize him.  I got to meet Zercool, MBtGE Bubblehead Les, Allen Forkner, Heath and his wife, who hosted last year's Northcoast blogshoot, Cemetery's Gun Blog and a bunch of other folks I know I"m forgetting at the moment.

Uncle and Breda both made grand entrances, and Alan was quite affable and not nearly as curmudgeonly as some folks like to make him out to be.  Jay G. was his usual loud self, Weer'd was well....Weer'd, and Newbius was a pleasure to chat   Roommates Laura & Chris tagged along and shared some nommable baked goods with Breda and I.  Oh, and I apparently scarfed down food like a pale Ethiopian.

A great time was had by all and there was beer, great company & lots of laughs.  All in all I'd say it was a great way to kick off the 2011 NRA Convention.

Th-th-th That's all folks!


Bob S. said...

Don't mind me a bit if I hate on ya'll a little bit, eh.

Glad to hear everyone is having a good time.

Don't send me a "wish you were here" card - It will only make me sulk more.

Laura said...

my brownies bring all the girls to the yard. ooh, yeah.

Mike W. said...

and her butt is bigger than yours.... :P

Jay G said...


Good seeing you again Mike. Too bad we missed you on the convention floor today - how'd we manage that BTW?

Tomorrow, I'm picking up Weerd and Dennis after breakfast and heading over. Hoping traffic won't be as bad tomorrow...

Laura said...

Jay, when/where are you grabbing breakfast?