Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stay classy Eric Heyl

Not only did Mr. Heyl write a vile piece just dripping with contempt and misogyny, he's also being a collossal jerk now that people have dared take him to task for his words.  It would appear he's too much of coward to stand by his words, as he's now running around to different blogs trying to claim that the whole thing was just satire.  Bullshit.  Stand behind your words or shut the hell up.

Heyl's standard response seems to be some variation of the following

"Recognizing satire obviously isn’t a talent in your skill set, but that’s OK. "

Even in his backpedaling Mr. Heyl keeps on digging.  He's employing the standard "you gun owners are just too damn dumb to understand me" line of reasoning.  Frankly I'm not the least bit surprised by Mr. Heyl's behavior given what we've seen from him in the past. 

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review should be ashamed to have him on their staff and even more ashamed to have allowed such a misogynistic pile of journalistic crap to be published.  Perhaps it was published for nothing more than "shock factor" in this era where newspapers are fast becoming dead media.  That doesn't excuse it and I"m glad to see Mr. Heyl taking a beating on several fronts.


Laura said...

It just hit me.

Heyl is Pittsburgh's version of a hipster. His "too cool for everyone else" attitude fits the profile.

Linoge said...

Is anyone else surprised that a "man" who gets his jollies by attacking women would lack the backbone to take ownership of his words?

Sabra said...

He was attempting to lampoon the good ol' boy attitude NRA member supposedly have. The column was satire, but it was unsuccessful satire.