Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quote of the day - mindset

"The bad men who roam the world are not the Boogy man. Cut them they bleed. Shoot them they die. They have nothing on you other than whether you allow yourself to be mentally beaten from the start.

When the feces hits the impeller (and it does constantly in life). You are the motor to the fan. You either shut down or you speed up.

Speed up."
- Matthew of Straight Forward in a Crooked World
I've read him many times before and yet somehow I missed this post.  I'm not quite sure how that happened. This post is excellent!  Take Breda's advice and read the whole thing.
 The bad men of the world aren't looking for a fight.  They don't want you to fight back, nor are they expecting it.  Fight back!  I read a piece several years back which made the case that the appropriate response to a violent assault should be to fight back with unbridled rage.  I wish I could remember what it was I read.


Nancy R. said...

I read that, too! (The unbridled rage part.) Was it Cooper?

Bubblehead Les. said...

I read some where that the Spartans used to carry a shorter sword than their neighbors. The idea was that they HAD to get one step closer to the Enemy to kill them, and it reduced the chances of anyone running away.

Having said that, and having shot at a Human Being during a Home Invasion, one doesn't necessarily have to close with the Bad Guy to stop them. It all depends on the Tactical situation. Are there innocents between me and them, or do I have them safely behind me? Will taking a step back to cover improve my chances? How many Bad Guys are there, anyway? Will Moving Forward place my side and/or back near their guns?

These and other questions need to be thought out well in Advance, so that when the Shit Hits The Fan, one can RESPOND (not REACT) appropriately.

Weather or not one uses a Firearm to defend oneself, however, isn't really the point. Guns, Knives, Hammers, Cast Iron Skillets, etc., they are all just Tools to end the Threat. Firearms are just much more efficient at doing the job.

It all comes down to the Mindset one choses. Do I want to end the threat with my teeth in his throat if I have Nothing left to defend me and mine, or do I want to be peeing my pants, begging for my life while the Goblin puts a Glock to my Skull?

In my Book, that's why God made Mouthwash.

Jay G said...

Unbridled rage is my middle name.

Of course, going throgh Elementary school with "Jay 'Unbridled Rage' G." was a burden, but one I bore lightly... ;)