Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sex & Booze

Uncle links to an opinion piece in which the author opposes campus carry because it would "give guns to young students largely interested in sex & booze."  Look, I'm 25, which some folks would consider "young" and I'm also largely interested in sex & booze (beer counts right?)

So, If I prove I'm a young student largely interested in sex & booze will someone give me a gun?  I can always use another.  Damn, where's that old University of Delaware student ID?  Oh wait!?  You mean they don't actually hand out brand new 1911's to 21 year olds upon passage of "campus carry" legislation?  Boy, it's almost as if anti-gunners are lying.  I have to give them some credit I suppose.  They're probably somewhat accurate on the "sex & booze" part of the statement.

H/T to Unc


North said...

If I sober up enough to remember what sex was like and attend an evening class, do I get a gun?

Disclaimer: Sex life is very active, thank you, and I don't drink as much as I make out. And by make out I mean either meaning.

bluesun said...

You're an old fart compared to me... but I'm not largely interested in sex and booze, and blanket statements like that seriously piss me off.

I guess I'd be ok with it if I did get a free gun, but they wouldn't even do that at my school in Montana.

Mike W. said...

Yeah, I was being somewhat sarcastic. That said, isn't almost everything the anti's say comprised of dumb blanket statements?

They may be dumb and bigoted, but at least they're consistently so.

As for "largely interested" I guess that depends upon ones definition of "largely" is. I'm not a nympho or a drunkard / alcoholic, for what it's worth.

Sabra said...

Well, I'm a college student, very fond of sex and somewhat fond of booze (if beer counts). But I'm 31, so no free gun for me, I guess. Damn anti-gunners.

wv: comen Heh.

instinct said...

No, no, no... You have it all wrong. First you have to join the military so they can turn you into a stone cold killer, then they hand out the free guns while you're in college on your GI Bill

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You have great interests. I'm 26 though but we have things in common.

Kenneth Cole said...

Guns ware made for self defense and they keep you safe from the criminals.
When these guns are in the hands of criminals, we count on their inventors. Again, its the usage which make them good or bad. :)