Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking after Philly

Delaware man open carries.  New Castle County officer pulls up, gets out of car with his gun drawn.

"I walked all of the west C-section of Brookside, and was working my way through the east section when, lo and behold, up comes the boy in brown to save the day. Gun drawn, he orders my arms out as he approaches me gun drawn." *

When you open carry you hope not to be accosted by the police in any manner, but you sure as hell don't want some cop running up on you, gun in his hand, simply because you're carrying.  I'm interested to see what comes of the complaint he filed with the NCCPD.  It seems they need a reminder of what is appropriate and exactly whom they work for.

*fyi, the thread kind of veers off track after page 1.

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