Friday, June 10, 2011

Building Security

I work at a law firm and as you might imagine we have building "security."  There's security in the lobby and we all have access passes both to get to the elevators and to get into our respective suite / office building.  The security officers are either old men or one of a handful of overweight women.  They're all unarmed of course.

Basically there's a security desk where people without access cards can sign in to be let through the turnstyles that lead to the elevators.  It's a trivial matter to simply hop the turnstyle or piggyback off of someone with a pass.  You don't need your pass to enter our office suite during normal business hours, naturally.

The idea that these folks, or the badges or turnstyle would actually stop anyone intent on doing harm is just laughable.  Some crazy person could walk in, kill the security (or just go past them) hop the turnstyle and go to whatever office he wanted to commit mayhem.  There would be no one to stop him.

I carry a bag to and from the office that has my protein powder and my dress shoes in it.  In the nearly 4 years I've been here not once have I or any other employee ever been stopped and our person and bags searched.  Were I willing to break the law & company policy I could have carried to work in my bag every single day.  Even if searches started (which wouldn't happen for obvious reasons) it'd be trivial for some homicidal maniac to sew a hidden pocket somewhere in order to sneak a weapon in.

Despite this, if I were to talk to people in the building they'd inevitably say they "feel safer" because of the "security."  It never ceases to amaze me how many people do not even stop to consider "what if's."  I'm sure every company in the building has a "no weapons" policy, which does nothing to increase the safety of anyone in the building, and doesn't apply to LEO's.  (I've been in the elevator with armed plainclothes cops)

So tell me again why we have this "security?"  Oh right.  To placate the sheep.  Baaah.


Anonymous said...

the joy's of security theatre

Mick said...

I work in an Emergency Department in an Illinois hospital with similar "security". Lip service, at best. Yet the night shift walk out with multiple bags or are texting furiously. I'm the guy who has the flashlight and "pocketknife", since weapons are forbidden and/or illegal. Hooray.

Jeff the Baptist said...

Well I work in a secured area of an Army base. Possession is crime and the base is in Maryland with it's awful transport laws. But I also have one to two fence lines between me and most violent offenders. The openings in those fence lines are generally secured by men with assault rifles and even machineguns.

MJM said...

Laughing. They "feel safer" because some other person wears a uniform with a patch on it, and calls himself "security." I am not putting down security guards, but it is increasingly clear that they are hired to walk their posts like fake video cameras are put up to take pictures, and the guards are there to report by mobile phone.
Yet, people "feel safer." You hardly know what to say.

instinct said...

And to reduce the buildings insurance costs, don't forget that.

We have the same BS security where I work and yeah, I feel soooo much safer - not. Which is why I regularly violate policy, especially since I walk 1.5 miles home after work at 10:30 pm